Telephone Interview Tips

  1.  Be Prepared
    • Know the company.  Do your homework.
    • Review your resume.
    • Review the job description.
    • Know who you are interviewing with ( position in the company – recruiter, hiring manager, peer) There questions and interest will vary according to their role in the interview process.)
    • Imagine yourself in the position.  Why do you think it is a good job for you?  How could you contribute to the company in the role?  How will the position help your career growth? Think of questions about the job in case the interviewer asks you if you have any questions.
    • Set the stage for the interview.  Have your resume, the job description and anything else you feel is important in front of you.  Make sure you are in a location that is conducive to an interview. Make sure you have good cell service. Have a piece of paper in case something comes up that you need to follow up on or a next step,person’s email address (so you can send a thank you).  Remove or attempt to diminish potential distractions.
  2. Listen carefully to the questions.  Ask for clarification if you aren’t sure what they want to know.  Offer to expound on your answer or ask if that answered their question.
  3. Be concise in your answers
  4. Use good grammar and proper English.  Avoid acronyms. Avoid company specific terminology or define it.
  5. Be careful in the use of “we” in your interview. The interview is generally interested in what “you” did. ( make sure you are clear on what you did, what your team did)
  6. Close for next steps.