Diversity Statement

Northwest Passage Consulting stands against injustice, racism, discrimination, and violence of any kind, including those against law enforcement.  We stand against the destruction of property and violence directed at the hard-earned livelihood of others. 

At Northwest Passage Consulting, we have always worked endlessly to find the best candidate for every job opportunity we address. As recruiters, we strive for new ways to broaden the “net”  so our recruitment can include more diverse groups as a part of an intentional effort.  We will help our clients ensure that their job descriptions reflect what they need for someone to be successful in their position and are not what we have always asked for just because we have asked for it in the past.  At Northwest Passage Consulting, we are committed to being a voice for change where it is needed. We act as  a consultant to our clients and are willing to have the hard conversations and open the doors of new thought.  We hold ourselves accountable to identify unintentional and intention bias in favor of fairness.

Human Resources has the opportunity, because of its unique position in organizations, to affect positive changes in the areas of diversity and inclusion. HR can drive organizations to take a hard look at themselves and see where the blind spots are and where improvement in our diversity and inclusion profiles can be made.  Let’s not worry about where we are starting but hope and strive for the place we go and let us embrace the journey. Let’s create organizations where individuals feel welcomed and comfortable and can be their best selves to achieve their goals and dreams.  This will lead to more dynamic and productive organizations.