Top 10 important considerations for your next video interview: How to prep for that Zoom (Video) interview? There is a lot of video software out there but a lot of companies use Zoom.

  1. Make sure you know how the tech works. Check the camara and microphone on your computer. Do a test run if you are not familiar with the tech or you are having to do it in a place that is new to you. Sometimes a headset can improve sound quality. If you do not have good connection speeds, you could be freezing every other word.
  2. Think about your environment. Noisy distractions, and bad lighting  are things that need to be controlled. Check your background.  What will the interviewer see?  You do not want any unwanted distraction.  Most of us are at home now so children and pets may be nearby.  Make sure you have a plan for them, so they do not interrupt your interview.
  3. Laptops are best. The screens are bigger, and you do not have to struggle to get a good view. Most times when people are on their phone, they are having to hold it which is a bit awkward at best.
  4. Remember the reason for the meeting is an interview so treat it like any other interview. Zoom and other platforms are just the new way many companies are interviewing so do not get distracted by the tech.
  5. Everything you need for the interview should be within your reach. Your resume, the job description, paper and pen for notes you might have to jot down. It  doesn’t look good on camara to be looking around for things. If you must look for something in the interview, it makes you seem unprepared.
  6. Prepare as you would for any interview. Be prepared.  Understand the job, the company and who you are interviewing with. Think of relevant questions about the job or the company and ask them.  It shows you are interested, and you care.
  7. This is so important I will mention it separately. Ask yourself why I want work for this company and in this job. Most interviewers will ask you something on the lines of why you are interested in  our company.  What interests you in this position. Be prepared to answer those types of questions.
  8. Timing is important in Zoom interviews. Be prompt but do not be early. These meeting can be set up many ways. Often employers are new to using Zoom for their interviews, and they may use the same link for multiple job seekers. If you try to get on too early, you may be entering a “room” that was being used to talk to another job seeker before you. They may have a “waiting room” that you enter before they bring you into the “interview room” but they may not. In my opinion, the best is to be ready and at your “desk” 5 minutes before the meeting and entering 2-3 minutes before the meeting is scheduled to start.
  9. Dress professionally. You should wear the same type of apparel you would wear for an in-person interview. Formal business attire for men and women is always best. I have never had a candidate not get a job because they looked too professional, but I have had candidates miss out on opportunities because they did not dress professionally in an interview.  Avoid distracting jewelry or other accessories.
  10. If you are interested in the job, after the interview, make sure to express your interest so they know you are interested in continuing the process with them.